The Distal Method

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The three apps for the Distal Method are presented next!

TennisPulse app

A great way to improve your game's rhythm! A series of exercises and drills designed to improve your rhythm!

The perfect starting point: The Distal Method app

The Distal Method has grown so much that we created this app as a guide to what the Distal Method & the tennis Distal Method are and what tools they offer. Everything in one place!

tSMS app

The tennis SensoriMotor Paradigm is a new approach to how tennis should be practised. Want to know the basics? Get the app! Don't forget to visit the course as well!

The tennis Distal Method Coach Development course

For tennis coaches who want to acquire knowledge about how world-class tennis players are created! The most complete course ever created for any sport, spanning from biomechanics to philosophy!

Download the DMCD e-book for free!

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